How To Use Fusion Mineral Paint Easy to apply and self-levelling, unrivalled durability. water-based paint, minimal prep work, built-in top coat, 100% acrylic resin - this creates a waterproof, non-porous surface durable and hard-wearing, use on interior and exterior projects, Fusion™ will last up to 7 YEARS in its airtight container once opened and the paint finish will not ‘yellow’ over time, non-toxic, lead free, virtually odourless, near zero VOC (volatile organic compounds), free of other chemicals commonly used such as ammonia and formaldehyde. Dry and Cure Time: Drying time is approximately one hour, however 2-4 hours is recommended between coats. Cure time – all paints take time to ‘cure’ (reach their maximum durability) – Fusion™ will be at its toughest 21 days after application. This doesn’t mean you can’t use your finished piece until then, just do so carefully. Coverage: 500ml will cover approximately 7 sq.m. (75 sq.ft). Colour Accuracy Disclaimer Whilst we’ve taken every effort to craft the colours you see on screen to accurately reflect the colours in the Fusion™ Mineral Paint collection. Due to differences in screen settings, we cannot guarantee an exact colour match.

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